Group exhibition Bedrock 4
(May 24-31, 2024) →

Josefine Boel Johannessen
Tag a friend and say nothing
(February 08-11, 2024) →

Godhadi (Abhaya Rajani, Rajani Kadam, Satyawati Kadam, Sugandha Kadam), with Sam McNeil Labour of Protesting: anti-caste lineage (2023) →

Group exhibition
Bedrock 3 (2023) →

Sara Annsofidotter
Industrious youth (2023) →

Karon Nilzén
Porte Wirtaplopice (och andra utvägar) (2023) →

Anne Sofie Skjold Møller, Hollie Solvild
it rains, it pours and Emotional Landscapes (2022) →

Filip Vest, in collaboration with Paolo de Venecia Gile and Alen Nsambu
Why do you carry that thing (everywhere you go)? (2022) →

Jane Pedersen
No Club (2022) →

Group exhibition
Bedrock 2 (2022) →

Olivia Rode Hvass
In Captivity but No Longer Dead (2022) →

Dominik Morgas, Wojciech Wilk, Karolina Rolka Zaborska
Not Easy Meat (2022) →

Marina Dubia
Glitched Belongings and arriscame (2022) →

Laurits Honoré Rønne

Katla Runarsdottir
Ceramics and Wine (2022) →

Group exhibition
Bedrock (2022) →


Online screening, Abhaya Rajani and Sam McNeil
(2024) →

Vida Vojić
(2024) →

Release event, thumb2: an exhibition concerning virtual scale and drawing (2023) →

Film screening, Eternit by Richard Dmitri Hee (2023)

Release event, KULTURO #54: Ting (2023) →


Booklet, Godhadi’s Labour of Protesting:  Mending of Disintigrated Dalitness (2023)

Ladder Space is an artist-run exhibition- and project space located in a stable building at Halmtorvet

Josefine Boel Johannessen Tag a friend and say nothing

Practical information

February 08, 19:00 – 21:00, 2024

Additional opening hours:
February 09 - February 11, 13:00 – 16:00

Halmtorvet 11D, DK-1700 Copenhagen

Tag a friend and say nothing

Solo exhibition

The words have a particular way of sitting just on top of the paper. Bows and cracks. So chic. The black marks forming lines on white A4 paper. And between whatever lines is something stupid to be said. How old school. Style someone whispers. Whispering is used to amplify the content. Ok the thing is that I over complicated this writing for no reason. I wanted to write about the moon-landing, coming up with the point, that I don’t really care about it. And that no one born after that landing cares and that it seems like people are not really down for the grand gestures anymore. But hey. Why write about something I don’t care about. I do rather write about style. Its fashion week in the capitol these days, and Im stuck in the province trying to make kin. I realized my only way in, in whatever situation, is as a spectator deciding whether I like the form or not. I will never be hot enough to walk the runway and im too lazy to ever design and produce big time. So I will just comment and keep on writing notes. J asked me if I wanted to write her exhibition text. My first thought was yes ofc because I think J is actually really trying to shape a new tomorrow within a practice. But now im feeling a bit shy about writing it or writing something that tries to have opinions or nice words and so, also because the exhibition is in the capitol and what if someone I am crushing on is reading this! And then I have kind of revealed my true self as someone who is really bad at writing. I might as well delete all words in my life. On this note I erased everything written on my to-do list. Better be empty. At the moment I really don’t care. You can say whatever and Im just waiting for the moment where I have to ask a new question so you will keep on talking about something I still don’t care about. Scrolling.

But at some point. When you did that thing with your phone. You know that one thing. How you threw it out of the window from, maybe, the third floor, my heart did drop. The capsule crashed, and somehow I started to care.

And when you didn’t get that job. I care.
And when the bar was closed. I care.
And when my knee hit the corner table leg. I care.
And when your face looked strange for a sec. I care.
That ass in those jeans. I care.
And that damn smile. I care.

Remembered fact: collapse is the fastest thing in the world!
We are not demanding another spectacle. Infinite invention. Try to chill.

- Julie Hvass


Josefine Boel Johannessen


Curated by the artist



Ladder Space is an eclectic exhibition space that encapsulates what surrounds it. In a stable building at Halmtorvet – which also functions as a studio collective – exhibitions and performances manifest, in addition to activities of more processual, temporary, and communal character.

The exhibition space strives to resemble how we encounter the world today, as leaping and association-driven, where we scroll through a reality that is intertwined, paradoxical and interchangeable. Instead of curating the exhibitions based on a single idea or a set frame of references or preferences, we examine the chaotic and paradoxical concept of housing many different practices under one roof and let themes and associations flow freely and weave in and out of the different activities. The eclectic becomes a tool to generate new meanings, understandings and coherence and use this openness towards the chaotic as a method to create new forms of dialogue and add nuance and complexity to the activities and conversations that take place in Ladder Space.


Halmtorvet 11D, DK-1700 Copenhagen



Opening hours

Open on occasion and by appointment. Please refer to the specific exhibition.

Organisers and curators

Anne Sofie Skjold Møller
Anders Aarvik
Laura Hjort

Assistance of additional members of Halmtorvet 11A-F studio collective.


Copenhagen Municipality
Vesterbro Lokaludvalg

Support has been granted for specific activities and include
Vesterbro Lokaludvalg
Rådet for Visuel Kunst
Statens Kunstfond
Nordisk Kulturfond
Dansk Tennisfond
The Polish Embassy