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Booklet, Godhadi’s Labour of Protesting:  Mending of Disintigrated Dalitness (2023)

Ladder Space is an artist-run exhibition- and project space located in a stable building at Halmtorvet

Jane Pedersen No Club

Practical information

November 10, 17:00 – 21:00, 2022

Additional opening hours:
November 11 – 12, 12:00 – 18:00

Halmtorvet 11D, DK-1700 Copenhagen

No Club

Solo exhibition

Ladder Space, being located in the former meatpacker district, serves as a fitting backdrop for the launch of Pedersen's brand 'No Club', where the guest can indulge in an un-settling consumer experience in a trash-aesthetic habitat. A range of items, primarily clothing, will be on display for the exclusive eyes of the guest only - in a site-specific installation infused with feudal props, fire, and an atmosphere leaking with the potential of violence and tribal uprising.

The exhibition hints at the dark sides of big corporate, branding, and polarization in the current (crumbling) late-capitalist reality embodied by the normalization of exploitation, dehumanisation, force, and brutality. Where are we arriving as a breed of post-modern (human) beings? As individuals driven by systemic liberalism? Where the ultimate goal is self-realization through free choice in every aspect and cycle of life – whatever that means in a society fueled by the ideal of growth, youth, and newness and where the notion of decay is a paradigm of horror and an image of obscenity.

Jane Pedersen is a visual artist, graduated with an MFA from Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts in 2019 and holds a BA in Art History and Journalism from Aarhus University, 2011. Pedersen works in the cross fields between installation, sculpture, text, and drawing. Their multidisciplinary practice unfolds in building uncanny habitats in which they explore class and radical gender and identity politics – tinted with compulsive default-post-modern irony.

Supported by Vesterbro Lokaludvalg.


Jane Pedersen


Curated by the artist


Installation view

No Club, total installation


Ladder Space is an eclectic exhibition space that encapsulates what surrounds it. In a stable building at Halmtorvet – which also functions as a studio collective – exhibitions and performances manifest, in addition to activities of more processual, temporary, and communal character.

The exhibition space strives to resemble how we encounter the world today, as leaping and association-driven, where we scroll through a reality that is intertwined, paradoxical and interchangeable. Instead of curating the exhibitions based on a single idea or a set frame of references or preferences, we examine the chaotic and paradoxical concept of housing many different practices under one roof and let themes and associations flow freely and weave in and out of the different activities. The eclectic becomes a tool to generate new meanings, understandings and coherence and use this openness towards the chaotic as a method to create new forms of dialogue and add nuance and complexity to the activities and conversations that take place in Ladder Space.


Halmtorvet 11D, DK-1700 Copenhagen



Opening hours

Open on occasion and by appointment. Please refer to the specific exhibition.

Organisers and curators

Anne Sofie Skjold Møller
Anders Aarvik
Laura Hjort

Assistance of additional members of Halmtorvet 11A-F studio collective.


Copenhagen Municipality
Vesterbro Lokaludvalg

Support has been granted for specific activities and include
Vesterbro Lokaludvalg
Rådet for Visuel Kunst
Statens Kunstfond
Nordisk Kulturfond
Dansk Tennisfond
The Polish Embassy